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- June 1, 2022 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps – 607

A Test of Smoker Fuels
Jim Berndt627

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive Chapter 5: A Royal Audience
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White642

Walking the Walk — Selective Breeding for Mite Resistance; 2022 Update, Part 1
Randy Oliver 649

“Can I Keep Bees Where I Live?” The Evolution of
Julia McGuire 661

Pioneers of Texas Beekeeping, Part 1
Peter L Borst665

Krispn Given and the Breeding of the Indiana Mite-biters, Part 1
Mary and Bill Weaver – 671

Hola! It’s Reigning Queens
Henry C. Mulzac 683

Common Sense Natural Beekeeping in Practice — Case Studies from the Field, Part 3
Stephanie Bruneau688

Comparing Sugar Shake to Alcohol Wash — Is There a Clear Difference in Varroa Detection Methods?
Robert Owen, Mark Stevenson, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck  – 691