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Contents – July 2020

- July 1, 2020 -

Beekeeping in the United States: The Coming Revolution
Peter L. Borst – 757

Fool’s Gold? Mother Lode? Members of the California Master Beekeepers Program Meet Up with Scutellata’s Great-Grandchildren
M.E.A. McNeil769

Refining the Mite Wash Part 1: Treatment threshold and solutions to use
Randy Oliver781

Conserving Black Bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) in the Hebrides, Scotland
Andrew Abrahams791

How to Combine Weak Colonies Using the Newspaper Method
Darryl Gabritsch – 799

The Astonishing Behavioral Versatility of Nest-site Scouts
Thomas D. Seeley – 801

Propolis: Hidden Treasure of the Hive
Kristen Georgi805

The Disease Triangle: Varroa is Only One Side
Caroline Abbott811

Plymouth State University Named New Hampshire’s First Bee Campus USA
Melissa Moore

Working Bees with an Injured Back
Mike Haney817