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Contents – January 2022

- January 1, 2022 -

Book Reviews: Winter Reads
Tina Sebestyen, Thomas Seeley, Eugene Makovec31

Intelligent Insects
Peter L Borst53

Do the Blooms Need the Bees? Self-pollinating Almonds and the New Yorizane
M.E.A. McNeil69

Observations on Pollen Subs — Part 4: Nectar, Water, and Humidity
Randy Oliver85

Turfgrass Tyranny: Augusta Syndrome and the Future of America’s Pollinators
Peter Keilty91

When Beekeeping and Tourette Syndrome Come Together
Penny Wagner 97

Feeding Pollen Patties Without Fear of Raising Small Hive Beetles
Eric Talley100

Magic with Packages in Green Bay, Wisconsin
From the Archives – 103