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Contents – February 2022

- February 1, 2022 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps – 133

A Trip to the Almonds
Jim Masucci – 154

An Online Model for Varroa Management
Randy Oliver and Trish Harness164

The Beekeepers’ Vocabulary
Peter L Borst173

Navigating the Web: Apicultural Science and Education in the Information Age
Malcom T. Sanford – 185

Club Apiaries
Julia Mahood189

Roger Hoopingarner, In His Own Words
Lawrence John Connor – 193

Honey Bees, Bears and Nightmares
Ken Pegorsch – 200

HopGuard 3 as a Summer Treatment
Randy Oliver and Aris Roberts207

EurBeST — A Pilot Study Testing Varroa-resistant Bees Under Commercial Beekeeping Conditions

  1. Buechler, A. Uzunov, C. Costa, M. Meixner, Y. Le Conte,
  2. Mondet, M. Kovacic, S. Andonov, N.L. Carreck, L. Dimitrov,
  3. Basso, M. Bienkowska, R. Dall’Olio, F. Hatjina, U. Wirtz 213

The Impacts of Covid-19 on Beekeeping Operations in Canada and the United States
Miriam Bixby, Alexandria Payne, Matthew Polinsky, Marta Guarna, Juliana Rangel221