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Contents – February 2020

- February 1, 2020 -

The Condensing Colony
Bill Hesbach175

How to Raise Queens in a Migratory Operation
Tina Sebestyen181

Busting Queen Grafting Myths
Nissa S. Coit, Gehrig R. Loughran, Elina L. Niño187

 A Modern Approach to Producing Beeswax Queen Cups
Ian Kennard193

Two from One: A Technique to Double the Number of Colonies from Packages
Andrew Jones197

Nosema — The Prevention of Dysentery Part 7c of a Series
Randy Oliver

Giant Alien Insect Invasion Averted
Conrad Bérubé209

To Buy Honey or Not?
Howard Scott217

Sharpen Your Perception: Is That Bearding … or Something Else?
Jackie Hough219

The Certifiable Beekeeper Program
Stephen Bishop223