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Contents – December 2022

- December 1, 2022 -

Cat and Mouse Game: An Update on Honey Fraud from Apimondia 2022 and the American Context
M.E.A. McNeil1309

Beware of the “Hobby Loss” Audit When You Turn Your Beekeeping Hobby into a Business
Josh Wease, JD, LLM – 1325

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive Chapter 11: Exodus
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White – 1332

Long Live the Queen: Telling the Bees
Peter L Borst1335

Whatever Happened to the Flow Hive?
Ron Miksha1351

Thymol — A New Application Method? Part 2
Randy Oliver – 1353

Some Observations on the Use of Formic Pro
Joe Conti1361

A Year as a Commercial Beekeeper — December
Charles Linder – 1365

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend
Eric Talley – 1371

Alcohol-tolerant Bees — The Dream of Every Beekeeper?
Michael Petrushka1373

Industry Again Seeks Price Stabilization
From the Archives1375