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Contents – August 2022

- August 1, 2022 -

Walking the Walk — Selective Breeding for Mite Resistance; 2022 Update, Part 3: Shifting the Genetics of a Breeding Population
Randy Oliver 869

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive
Chapter 7: Ant Wars
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White – 876

My Journey to Regenerative Beekeeping, Part 2
David Papke – 885

The Black Jar Contest: Could Your Honey Be the Best-tasting in the World?
Kent Pegorsch889

Thinking Outside the Box: Temperature Dynamics in a Tree Cavity, Wooden Box, and Langstroth Hives With or Without Insulation
Robin W. Radcliffe and Thomas D. Seeley 893

Common Sense Natural Beekeeping in Practice — Case Studies from the Field, Part 5
Stephanie Bruneau 899

Euopean Foulbrood — Its Causes and Symptoms
Charles Vanden Heuvel903

Pioneers of Texas Beekeeping, Part 3 — The Legendary Honey Caves of Texas
Peter L Borst907

So You (Don’t) Wanna Be Your Club’s President?
Shelley Stuart – 919