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Contents – August 2020

- August 1, 2020 -

The Beekeeping Revolution: Langstroth and his hive
Peter L. Borst859

How the fierce A.m. scutellata became gentle in Puerto Rico
M.E.A. McNeil873

Refining the Mite Wash, Part 2: Mite release
Randy Oliver885

Fascinating Wax Moths: Not your average cleanup crew
Hans-Ulrich Thomas – 895

Hand crank extractor power conversion
Mike Haney

Progress report on three years of treatment-free beekeeping, including a test of three types of queen: Wild Colony, Webster Russian, and VSH Italian
Thomas D. Seeley901

Effect of queen bee’s age on the extent of brood area and acacia honey production in honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies in Hungary
Marianna Takács – János Oláh907

“When the Bees Make Honey Down in Sunny Alabam’” — Comic honey bee songs and illustrated sheet music, 1902-1922
Dr. Theresa Leininger-Miller913

Bottling Equipment: Helpful tools to make the job easier
David E. MacFawn921

Your honey show does not have to be a victim of the pandemic
Brutz English927