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Contents-April 2024

- April 1, 2024 -

Book Reviews: Spring Reads
Dewey M. Caron, Tina Sebestyen, David Shimo – 353

Division of Labor in a Colony: Who does What?
Part 2: Adulthood and old age
Kayla deJong – 373

The Elephant and the EPA
Randy Oliver – 379

Research Lab Spotlight: The University of Minnesota Bee Lab
Alison McAfee – 385

What the Bleep Are We Doing?
Our industry nees stable, professional leadership
Charles Linder – 393

EPA and FDA Updates – and how they could affect U.S. beekeepers
Charles Linder – 405

Musings of an Old-timer, part 4
Peter L Borst – 409

Extended-release Thymol blocks
Randy Oliver – 419

Non-chemical Control Methods for Varroa destructor – They Exist!
Selina Bruckner, Robyn M. Underwood and
Margarita M. López-Uribe – 426

Letting Bees be Bees: A stewardship model of beekeeping
Brian C. Hains – 432

Beekeeping it Cheap
Elaine Timm – 439