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- July 1, 2021 -

In October 1934 Thomas Cashman Sr. was the President of the Brown County Beekeepers Association. Fast forward to today and his son, Thomas Cashman Jr., is the Treasurer of the very same organization and celebrates his 50th anniversary as a member. The Brown County Beekeepers Association of Green Bay, WI was organized in 1918 and has been active in the community ever since. Articles in the Green Bay Press-Gazette from the 1930s indicate numerous Wisconsin state bee conventions were held in Green Bay. In 1934, C.P. Dadant, the second-generation owner of Dadant and Sons, was a speaker at the convention.

Thomas Cashman Jr. has been a club officer every year since 1972 and has helped guide the club membership from a low of 28 people, to where it stands today, at over 125. Tom noted, “In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the honey bees and their importance as pollinators. The club now provides more education to its members and the public about honey bees and their importance.”

In the 102 years the Brown County Beekeepers Association has been in existence, there has been a Cashman in the club for 75 of those years.

The senior Cashman kept bees from the 1930s to 1974. Cashman Junior joined the club in 1971 and this June Tom celebrates his 50th anniversary in the club. Thomas Jr. recently reflected, “During my years with the local club, I have been glad to see the interest in beekeeping increase.