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- April 1, 2024 - (excerpt)

The Bees for Development Green Match campaign emerges as a beacon of hope in the face of the devastating consequences of deforestation that lead to soil erosion, land degradation, and severe hardships for local communities in Zimbabwe.

Bees for Development proposes the powerful solution of beekeeping. Inextricably linked, bees and trees create a relationship that can transform lives. The campaign seeks to protect precious forests and empower local people in Zimbabwe. This will be done by implementing forest protection measures, enabling community members to earn money through sustainable beekeeping and establishing a nursery for bee-friendly trees.

Your donation matters, all donations between 18-25 April 2024 will be DOUBLED!

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For further information, additional images and quotes, contact:

Jenny Handley, Head of Communications and Fundraising – 01600 714848


About Bees for Development

Bees for Development is the global charity, based in Wales, U.K., which makes life better with bees. We promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity. Bees for Development shares beekeeping skills with people in the poorest communities of the world, giving a reliable, sustainable income for life. We use local skills, local materials and local bees.

Bees for Development