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Bees: An Up-close Look at Pollinators Around the World

- August 1, 2015 -

The upcoming book, Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World, truly is unique, giving the reader a new way to appreciate and marvel at these “mvps” (most valuable pollinators, of course!). Authors Sam Droege and Laurence Packer present more than 100 of the most eye-catching bees from around the world as you’ve never seen them: up-close and with stunning detail. You’ll stare at alien-like faces, get lost in mesmerizing colors and patterns and find each shows a personality in the photos.
Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World evolved from these photos becoming an internet sensation in 2014. Sam Droege, a wildlife biologist with the US Geological Survey, began posting photos to the USGS Bee Inventory & Monitoring Lab’s Flickr page, and thanks to some bee fans at Reddit, the page went viral, being shared and viewed hundreds of thousands of times. And recently Mr. Droege was extensively quoted in the national press around the White House announcement of the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.
The book is organized by the seven families of bees, with each photo accompanied by interesting, and often witty, facts and details about the bee by Laurence Packer, a professor of biology at York University. (Steve Roth,