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April 2021 Table of Contents

- April 1, 2021 -

The Bee Informed Partnership Tech Teams: Data-driven Answers to the Most Important Questions
M.E.A. McNeil388

Beekeeper-funded Research: A Test of Thermal Treatment for Varroa, Part 2
Randy Oliver407

Handling Defensive Bees
Dewey M. Caron421

Large-scale Beekeeping: How It Came About in the U.S.
Peter L Borst427

Keeping Honey Bees for the Wrong Reasons
Ron Miksha433

Marking Queens: Building Beginner Beekeeping Skills
Catherine Hounshell443

A Lightweight Toolbox
Mike Haney447

Bingeing on Bees: An Interview with Nature Photographer Clay Bolt
Peter Keilty449

Bottom Stung Beekeepers: Florida Couple Turns Culinary Interest into Beekeeping Business
Chris Stalder451