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April 2020 Contents

- April 1, 2020 -

Coming to America: Honey Bees in the New World
Peter L Borst387

Re-evaluating Varroa Monitoring — Part 2
Randy Oliver

Cranberries — Not Just a Thanksgiving Treat
Karen Nielsen Lorence407

Hive Irradiation: Another Tool to Combat Disease in Honey Bees
Mark Antunes415

Nicot: The Good, the Bad, and the Possible
Grant F. C. Gillard425

Beekeeper-Funded Research: An Experiment to Improve Pollen Sub — Part 1
Randy Oliver435

The Snelgrove Board: Method II — Part 2
Sid Lehr441

Apimondia Statement on Honey Fraud

Keeping Time: Using Phenology to Capture a Honey Flow — Part 2
Michael Donihue451

Go Native: Wildflower Plots for the Pollinators and the Planet
Ken Sikora453

Honey Bee Colony Mortality — Survey Results for the Pacific Northwest
Dewey M. Caron459

A Spoon Full of Honey May Heal What Ails You
Sylvia Dekker465