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April 2019

- April 1, 2019 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps383

Keeping It Real – Why Beekeepers and Food Manufacturers Should Join the True Source Honey Initiative
Eric Wenger397

The Pesticide Situation: Part 4 — Pesticide Resistance and Changes in Farming Practices
Randy Oliver409

Mite Drift Quantification: A Citizen Science Project
Randy Oliver435

My Journey to Foundationless Frames
Caroline Abbott 439

What’s Eating My Bees? Arthropod Enemies of Bees in Greece – Part 3 – Wax Moths
John Phipps447

Flowering Solar Farms — “Agrivoltaics:” a Powerful Sweet Synergy
John Jacob, with contributions from Rob Davis –  451

Pollencheck: BIP’s New Mobile Application to Gather Pollen Data
Anne Marie Fauvel and Jonathon Englesma459

New Hampshire’s White Mountain Apiary: Growing According to Plan
Melissa Moore465

Piping, Tooting, Quacking … and Now Whooping — Sounds From the Hive
Mary Montaut469