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- April 1, 2022 -

Book Reviews: Spring Reads
Carol Hrusovszky and Tina Sebestyen381

The Consequences of a Honey Bee Swarm
Edward Balogh393

2022 Extended-release Oxalic Update — Part 2
Randy Oliver – 397

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive Chapter 3
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White410

Early Nucs — A Practical Guide to Success
Wesley Henry429

Migratory Beekeeping Part Two: Modern Beekeeping
Peter L Borst437

Young Harris College / University of Georgia Beekeeping Institute Reaches 30-year Milepost
Keith Delaplane443

Navigating the Web: Apicultural Science and Education in the Information Age
Malcom T. Sanford – 447

Do Bees Feel Pain?
Ron Miksha and Daniel Miksha449

Common Sense Natural Beekeeping in Practice: Case Studies from the Field, Part 1
Stephanie Bruneau – 455

Inner Cover Bottom Floor: Increased Brood Space, Cleaner Hives, and a Natural Defence Against Wasps and Robbers
Ernie Daley – 457